"But Breastfeeding Is Natural. Why Isn't It Easy?"

We usually prepare for birth: we take classes on relaxation techniques, watch television series with birth stories, and read a myriad of books, magazines, and videos. Breastfeeding is the longest part of the birthing process, yet most of us are unprepared. “Breastfeeding is natural,” think moms-to-be. “Baby, boob, boom.”   Every so often we  hear of a woman who saw breastfeeding in her home and family growing up. Images of a breastfeeding baby are part of her vivid childhood memories and family history. For this woman, breastfeeding is natural, just an ordinary part of motherhood. And she has a built-in network of experienced friends and family who can support her if she experiences difficulties. But how many of us ever saw another woman breastfeed, related to us or not? Having no memories or foundation of intimate firsthand knowledge, breastfeeding for the majority of us does not come naturally. Babies are hardwired to breastfeed. Their moms provide support and guidance, and together both are nourished. With constant feedback from her newborn, mom will discover her own intuitions and confidence as she builds her mommy muscles. Making breastfeeding “natural” for every new mom is a wonderful dream of lactation supporters. Was breastfeeding natural for you?